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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Information Silos

Information silos is a term that captivated my interest today. I was reading an article in the June edition of the Time magazine when i came across an article 'We've all got the GM problem' by Rana Faroohar.

I was amazed to read about how a paucity of communication between the various departments in the GM company accentuated a very serious problem of ignition switch. The problem had also caused a few deaths.

I was left wondering about how humanity has experienced this problem at various levels. Silos need to be avoided at all costs. We need to communicate at various levels in order to benefit the society.

So, how do we bust silos and create a better communication line across various departments of an organization, societies, individuals etc?

It is something for you and me to consider. Public interface systems, interactive platforms and a sense of common goals for the greater good of the society need to be followed. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Travel to Sri Lanka

Travel to Sri Lanka has been an amazing experience. The beaches, the people and the nature's bounty is not lost in the island. I could sense a need to get along with life no matter what the situation is.

I stayed in Negombo and i also put up in a tea estate in Navalapitiya (40 kms from Kandy).
The pristine setting of the nature is enough to reel you out of your world, for a brief while. Till the next time, enjoy this picture.

Friday, June 13, 2014


A poignant moment
 under the stars,
When water was flowing by me.

I stared the clear hue 
Above me, 
The love I bore
Was beefing with a pleasant smile.

It is in this place called waikala
Where the river meets the ocean 
The hearts meet anew. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Travel and Books

I have kept myself busy today. I woke up early in the morning and checked my blog. The morning outside the window looked fresh and inviting. I resisted. I couldn't. I took my Merida Crossway 40 outside. 
Glory of the Dawn

I rode all the way to the nearby beach. The morning freshness lured me in its pristine countenance. It was blissful and refreshing. I was alive again. Life needs such refueling every now and then. My bike took me to this stunning setting. I witnessed the dawn of a new day. The picture above illustrates the very life that I acquired today:fresh and anew. The vast blue in the sky and the sea is enough to infuse the much needed zen that one needs after going through the rigors of everyday life. The temperature was pleasant. I felt light and experienced the flight that a bird takes at daybreak. 

We need to travel and how. We need to start walking, riding a bike/cycle or take the rail or the plane. You need to move. Only when the body moves, the mind follows.

If you disagree with my above premise, you should be a bookworm. That is the one path the provides you the free pass to move the mind without moving the body. I travelled to Canadian fish farms, Chinese fish farms courtesy a National Geographic magazine article. I have travelled to the narrow alleys of Sussex and Lancashire. I have travelled to London through the words of Vikram Seth. I have been to the HItler's Germany through the words of Zusak. Literature provides the avenue to travel. The mind moves. 

What have you read today? Or did you actually travel?  


I believe in my hobbies. It provides me an opportunity to keep my mind awake and heart alive. Reading is one of my core hobbies. 

I feel that literature encourages us to enter worlds that we may never have seen physically. It provides us with a metaphysical substitute for a physical vacuum. 

Reading provides a frame for the mind. It gives caresses the imaginative impulse and let's you dream. 

Creative process needs a source. A source for a process like writing is invariably reading. Exhaustive reading is an ideal way to set oneself to writing. Extensive reading is a way to expand one s schema. A delicate balance of both will ensure a smooth and a painful transition to creative process. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Musings on a Sunny Day

It was a warm sunny day. In these holidays, I have had this rare chance to laze around in Singapore. I have been reading a lot in the past few days. I have also managed to maintain my daily diary routine. It has given the right avenue for my writing pangs. I am a writer. Yes.

I purchased the June editions of National Geographic, BBC Knowledge and the Time magazines. I also bought Neil Gaiman's 'The Ocean at the End of the Lane' and Tolkien's 'Hobbit'. I am currently reading the magazines and the Gaiman book. I am also reading Vikram Seth's 'An Equal Music'. I believe I have my hands full with this list. 

The cover article on the Nat Geo magazine titled 'Hero Dogs' is a fascinating insight into the world of military dogs. The writer and the photographer have succinctly documented the role and the relevance of military dogs. The pictures in the story freeze the importance of the dog-dog handler relationship. Their role is well-inscribed in the rulebooks of the military. 

The impact of the Afghanistan mission has a telling silhouette on the American troops, its machinery and the dogs. What fascinates me in this canvass is the role of the man's best friend.

What the story does not cover is how the Afghan have received the involvement of military dogs? These dogs have played an important role in identifying IED's in the Afghan landscape. 

The article notes the rigorous selection process of these dogs. How a dog needs to be calm and zen when facing explosions and rapid movements during a battle is crucial for its consideration in the military.

Man's best friend has indeed been a true companion in all situations. What matters is that we reciprocate on the same template and ensure that these beautiful creatures are not abused anywhere.   

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Art of Learning

When I reflect back on my life, I can view vast lands of learning and unlearning. Success and failure are not even visible to my naked eye. All those grades and exams were indeed cornerstones of stress, anxiety and learning. But, The yields of the land are based on the foundation of lifelong learning. 

If I have tell something to young learners today, I will ask them to focus on the desire for learning and unlearning. Exams and assessments are part and parcel of one's learning journey. I have been raised on a crops of examination and have been asked to look at my surroundings comprising of harvests of marks and distinctions. An enigma is created in the mind of an average learner. The learner is perplexed, bamboozled, and petrified. What is it that I am doing wrong?, asks the learner. His surrounding folks remind him of the huge lacuna that engulfs him/her. The learner is reminded of not the learning, but of the yielding of results and medals. 

The learner need to endure all of this. The learner has cull the necessary perseverance to keep on walking in his/her own pace. until the learner can find his/her own niche,

                                                  the learner must continue to walk.

More to follow, on my reflections on learning.